I can’t see my size. Do you have any extra stock?

We sure hope so. Let us know your preferred size at and we’ll check to see if any of our retail stores have it in stock.

Do all items come in short and regular length?

We’ve always been fans of variety, but this can change style by style. It’s best to enquire specifically to our team at


Free Shipping

Orders are delivered via Australia Post eParcel and are free to any address within AUSTRALIA ONLY. See full delivery information here.

Do you ship outside of Australia?

Unfortunately we’re Australian bound. For our New Zealand friends, simply email and we’ll endeavor to hunt down a retailer for you.



Once your order is placed, it is too late. If you would like to change your order after it has been received, we offer free returns, within the terms of our Returns Policy.

How long do I have to return any items I do not want / like?

125 years has taught us patience, but only so much. We’re happy to wait 30 days but no longer. All return items must have proof of purchase from our online store.


Free Returns

For free returns please see full returns policy here

I purchased faulty product/s from a 3rd party. Can you please refund me?

While we'd like to help, you must return to the original store you purchased your items from. If they are unwilling to assist you please let us know at

Can I return sale items for a refund?

Yes you can. Generosity has always been our idea of a fair game.



How long do I have to return any items I do not want / like?

125 years has taught us patience, but only so much. We’re happy to wait 30 days but no longer. All return items must have proof of purchase from our online store.



Using your Lee E-Gift Card couldn’t be easier, you simply enter your E-Gift Card number in the payment section provided at the checkout when you are ready to make your purchase.For full details please see our Terms & Conditions.

Upon receiving a Lee E-Gift Card via email you will be presented with an e-gift card number that can be redeemed online.

If the items purchased total less than the E-Gift Card amount, the remaining funds will remain on the E-Gift Card to use on the next purchase, if the items purchased exceed the E-Gift Card amount the remaining value must be paid by card in order to complete the order.

E-Gift Cards take up to 4 hours to be delivered to your preferred email address.

Items bought using E-Gift Cards can be returned or exchanged but not refunded, only additional monies paid over and above the E-Gift Card will be refunded and a new E-Gift Card will be issued or funds allocated to your existing E-Gift Card applied.


Paypal is a safe way to pay faster online without entering credit or debit card details each time.


    1. Safer - Paypal keeps your financial information securely encrypted so you can pay online with confidence.
    2. Flexible - Link all your cards and bank accounts and choose which one to use at checkout.
    3. Convenient - Pay with Paypal on millions of sites on your computer or mobile, an in apps.
    4. Protected - You can be refunded with Buyer Protection.

For more information, visit the Paypal Website


Afterpay is now available online. You can now receive your (BRAND) purchases now and pay for them over 4 equal fortnightly payments.


    1. Simply add your BRAND items to your online shopping cart.
    2. Select Afterpay as your payment method at checkout.
    3. From here, follow the prompts to create an Afterpay account to pay the first of four instalments up front.

For more information, visit the Afterpay Website

Lee Jeans

I want to work at Lee. 

We’d love you to work for us, too. First we’d like to meet you, so show your face at our Melbourne store along with your resume and great threads. For all other states, get in touch with our True Alliance Careers team.

Denim Chronicles

Where do Lee Jeans come from?

We source denim from all over the world and work with some of the best European and Japanese mills in the game. We’re super conscious of quality and ensuring all our suppliers uphold tight ethical standards. We work with the best to ensure that you get the best!




What should I look for when buying a pair of Jeans?

It might sound obvious but the most important thing to know about a denim garment is whether it's stretch or rigid, as this will determine the fit and feel. Easiest test is to grab at the hips and pull out to see if they give a little. Secondly, we’d be feeling the fabric to see if the texture, weight and look of the denim is what you're after. Looking at the care label will also help you understand what you’re buying and how to treat them when you get home!

Not sure of your Fit?

Head on over to our Fit Guide to help find the style that suits you best. Don’t forget though guys, the easiest way to find out how Lee jeans really fit you is to try them on because every fabric and fit combo will fit slightly differently, which means you’ve got yourself a whole lotta options for your unique shape.

Size Guide?

For the Guys our jean sizes range between 28 – 38 and for the Girls they sit between 6 – 14.



How do I get the perfect fade out on my Jeans?

Time. Wear them for as long as you can before putting them through their first wash. This might sound counter-intuitive (and slightly gross) but go with it and you’ll see a lot of changes to colour and tone of your jeans. Aside from that, always wash denim in cold water, right side out. This will ensure your jeans fade just the way you want them to.


What's the best way to wash, rinse, repeat?

There comes a time when you may need to press pause on your social calendar and give your jeans a good scrub. You’ve got yourself two options here. One is to turn them inside-out and wash them in cold water with similar colours. The second option is put them in a freezer bag and let them sit in the freezer overnight. Either option will do the trick, the choice is yours!

Why do Jeans shrink?

While most fabrics these days are sanforised (pre-shrunk), it’s natural for clothes to undergo some shrinkage. At Lee, we account for this shrinkage in our fits so despite them feeling tighter after each wash, they should fit true to size for the life of the garment. If you’re ever buying raw (unwashed) denim we suggest buying ½ a size larger to account for the extra shrinkage.

I often need to shorten new pairs of jeans. Where exactly should the hem sit?

A good rule of thumb is that the back hem should touch the ground when you don’t have shoes on. Before you cut, fold them up on the inside and try some shoes to check that you’re happy with the length and bunching on the shoe. Where possible, try to take them to your local tailor – these dudes know their stuff. They’ll finish them with the right threads and construction technique so they last longer and look original.

Lee Jeans and Riders by Lee Jeans...What's the difference? 

Confused? Don’t sweat it. Think of Riders By Lee as the younger sibling to the Lee brand, we’re related but we each have our own identity and denim ranges with a different look and feel.

Wanna shop Riders? Head on over to their website