A Lesson in Partying

Monday, 25 August 2014


Lee 125 Years Campaign


It happens sometimes. You rock up to a party, armed with the night’s booze and maybe even a few plastic cups if you’re really organised. The vibe is already out of control- in a good way, of course.

You feel the base thumping through your boots, vibrating all the way to the to ends of your hair. Then comes that feeling, the one that tells you it’s going to be a hell of a good night.

Lee 125 Years Campaign
Lee 125 Years Campaign
Lee 125 Years Campaign


Plenty of rules are about to be broken, but if there’s any that you should follow, it might as well be these:

Lesson #1. Make sure your shoes are made for dancing... all night long. The key is to look good and feel good, right? This means that maybe you should reconsider those sky-high stilettos or too tight boots, and opt for cons, or something less paralyzing.

Lesson #2. Don’t be that crazy dude passed out on the couch. Not only does it mean you’ve given into the enemy- sleep- but you’re likely to wake up with a black moustache drawn onto your face and Twisties stuck up your nose. And it will already be all over Instagram.

Lesson #3. Score brownie points with brownies. Literally. Or any other food really. Because who doesn’t want to eat an entire tin of Pringles at 5am? It’s always a good idea to refuel after a few hours of dancing. Stop. Eat. Get back in there.

Lesson #4. Use the toilet for the toilet. Draws, wardrobes, sinks, bathtubs full of ice etc. These do not have a flush button, and you don’t have a clean button, do you?

Lesson #5. Don’t go home with someone you haven’t spoken a word to. We recommend at least two hours of dancing, and ½ an hour of chatting prior. That’s not much to ask, is it?


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